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Customized Canopy Buyer’s Guide

Customized Canopy Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best custom canopy or pop-up tent for your events

With so many choices of pop-up tents out there, how do you choose the right one? For some folks, the process can be bit overwhelming. Here are some questions you should ask yourself prior to going out and spending your hard earned money on such a canopy.

How often will you use it?

This is an initial question which may help determine what grade and price range you should shop for a custom canopy. If you won’t be using the tent too often, yet still want a quality frame, take a look at our Mega series of light duty tents. These are typically lighter and less expensive, yet still provide a sturdy frame. However, if you see yourself using your pop-up tent weekly or several times per month, take a look at our Mega-X or Colossus series. Both of these models are made from high-grade, thick gauge aluminum and will stand up to heavier use and stronger winds. You can also choose from five different color canvas tops. Each tent is CPAI-84 fire-certified and water resistant. They also feature a coating that blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays.

Recreational or Business use?

This question may also determine how much you should spend, as well as what to look for in your potential custom canopy and pop-up tents. For lighter usage, such as camping or barbecuing, we recommend a lighter grade frame with a solid color top, such as our Mega series pop-up tent. This model is economical and ideal for lighter duty purposes. If you’re planning on starting a business or becoming a vendor at a farmers market, you’re most likely looking for a canopy designed for average to heavy usage. A better choice would be a mid-grade commercial pop-up tent such as our Mega-X or Colossus series. These models have thicker and sturdier legs, and provide more rigidity to the frame structure. Also, depending on your budget, custom branding your pop-up tent is highly recommended. This is the most cost effective way to stand out from the competition. Custom printing will get you noticed at any outdoor or indoor event. Typically, custom printed canopies are no more than a few hundred dollars, and the potential return on investment is well worth it!

Food Service Vendor Booth

What’s Important to Have for Food Service Canopy

  • Fire Safe CPAI-84 Certified Fabric
  • Mesh Walls with Window Cutouts

A food service tent booth is essential to any food vendor at any small or large event. Our food service booths come complete with mesh walls and window cutouts which allow you to see your customers and exchange money and food, yet provide a level of privacy needed for a fast moving environment. Most festivals, shows and events will require your tent top to be CPAI-84 fire-certified with a visible tag, on the canvas top. All canopy tops offered by Kittrich Canopy have this certification.

Craft Fair Tent

What’s Important to Have for Craft Fair Canopy

  • Fire Safe CPAI-84 Certified Fabric
  • UV protection Walls
  • Water Resistant Top

A craft fair tent is probably the most important item for any artist exhibiting their work at craft fair events and craft shows. Make sure you have a CPAI-84 fire-certified tag on the tent top along with the highest maximum UV coating and water resistant top. All of Kittrich Canopy tops have 99% UV protection and are fire-certified and water resistant.

Party Tents

What’s Important to Have for Party Canopy

  • Fire Safe CPAI-84 Certified Fabric
  • Large Size for Shading Tables
  • UV protection Walls
  • Water Resistant Top

Party tents are easy to put up and are a must-have for any party. The tent you choose should have good UV protection, be water resistant and fire retardant. A typical size for a party is 10 ft. x 10 ft., but for larger gatherings, 10 ft. x 15 ft. and 10 ft. x 20 ft. sizes are ideal. These larger sizes provide plenty of shade and comfort for your guests. If you host enough parties, this can be a much more convenient and economical option than renting every time.

5 Easy Steps to Getting Your Custom Canopy

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