Canopy Tent Setup & Handling Tips

Proper Canopy Tent Set-Up and Handling

Open Carefully

When opening up the frame be sure to only use your hands to lower the leg to its set position. Lift with one hand, and pull down with the other. Do not use your foot to push down on the leg as this may cause the leg to bend.

Fold With Ease

When taking the tent down, be sure all locking leg pins are released and disengaged prior to folding the tent. This will prevent damage to the frame structure. It is best to have two people standing on opposite sides of the frame with each person holding the “V” shape part of the truss structure for a more firm and stable grip.

Prepare for Weather Situations

When using your tent outdoors, make sure you stake down the tent and/or use sand bags which attach to the legs, or weights that sit on the foot of the tent leg. This will help prevent tent from being blown away, should there be stronger than normal winds or gusty conditions.

Secure When Indoors

For indoor use, weighing down the tent isn’t as critical if sitting on carpet. However if you have a heavy floor traffic and the tent is sitting on slippery concrete, wood or tile, we recommend you add sand bags or weights to keep the structure from shifting or moving slightly throughout the day.

Store for Longevity

When storing tent inside the carry bag or wheeled bag, make sure the canvas top is dry prior to storing it. This will prevent mildew and water stains from forming on the fabric. Remember, pop-up tents are temporary structures and are not meant to be left unattended or permanently opened up in the outdoors.

Take precautions, and follow these simple steps to ensure you enjoy many years of use from your Kittrich Canopy Tent.


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