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Tips for a Successful Craft or Art Show

Tips for a Successful Craft or Art Show

Tips for a Successful Craft or Art Show

If you love to do craft fairs and art shows, you know the goal is to sell your wares. Beyond that, you want to make an impression. You want people to remember you and find you later. There are some things that can help male your next, or your first, show a success. One thing that can be very helpful is a one-person pop-up shade canopy. Kittrich Canopy has several to offer and can protect you and your goods from the sun. Here are some helpful ideas for your next event:

  • Presentation – First impressions are important! Make it eye-catching without being cluttered. Use your space. Go vertical.
  • Advertise – Have plenty of business cards. Hand them out and place one in each bag.
  • Price Tags – Make sure everything has a price. Many times, people won’t ask what the price is; they will move on.
  • Engage – Engage with your customers but do not be pushy. Smile and greet each person that comes up.
  • Variety – Offer a variety of items and things in different price ranges. Small impulse buys add up.
  • Credit Cards – Don’t just accept cash. Square makes it easy to accept credit cards.

If you need a quality art show canopy, Kittrich Canopy has what you need. Give us a call, and we can discuss how we can customize one for your next show.

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