Table Coverings With Logos for Building Brand Awareness

Table Coverings With Logos for Building Brand Awareness


One of the best things you can have in marketing is brand exposure for your business. Brand exposure is the term used to describe how familiar your customers are with your brand. The key to building brand awareness is promoting your business name and logo whenever possible. The more your business name and graphics are seen, the more recognition you’ll get. A custom table cover with a logo is an easy way to promote your business and boost awareness at all events you attend or on any tables used in your business. Here’s some information on table coverings and the benefits for businesses:

Table covers (also often known as table skirts, runners or tablecloths) are coverings for tables used to promote businesses or organizations at various types of events and different venues. Unlike the traditional tablecloths that are used to cover your dinner table for mostly decorative purposes, a custom promotional table cover includes a company’s logo, graphics or even a message directed to the audience. They are far more durable than a traditional tablecloth and made from a lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Custom table covers make the perfect choice for a table or booth setup. In addition to the advertising benefits, some of the advantages include:

  • Practicality: Our custom table covers easily slide over most standard 6ft folding tables, making them a breeze to transport and instantly transform the look of a table. They’re durable, washable and easy to transport.
  • High quality images: A major benefit of our table covers is that we offer digital or dye sublimation to ensure excellent quality and imagery of your logo or design. If you aren’t familiar with dye sublimation, it’s a technique used to embed beautiful and permanent color into fabric rather than just printing on the surface. Your logo will look crisp and clean.
  • Affordability: For small businesses looking to maximize their marketing budget, custom table covers with logos are an ideal option. In addition to a sleek and professional look, you’re advertising and drawing attention to your table.

If you’re looking for prompt custom printing services, Kittrich has you “covered”. Along with table coverings, we offer custom canopies and tents for all your advertising event needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or to learn more.

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