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Personalized Garden Flags

Personalized Garden Flags

Personalized Garden Flags

Do you have a business you are trying to promote? Or maybe you are involved with a non-profit organization and want to help spread the word? One of the most effective ways to do that is with custom branded flags and personalized garden flags. Kittrich Canopy offers custom accessories, canopy customization, and more that are cost-effective and gives you an edge over the competition. Or it can be for just plain fun at local events or your own backyard.
What We Offer
Our custom branded flags can be created with your choice of colors and graphics. They are made from durable, quality polyester fabric designed to stand up to the weather. The poles are sturdy yet lightweight and can be used inside or out. Our customers use their flags at things like:
● Sporting events
● Trade shows
● Festivals
● Farmer’s markets
● Concerts
● Craft shows
● Much more
You can upload your logo, and we can have your custom flag to you in as little as five days. Visit our online custom order form for a quote, or give us a call at 719-4-CANOPY. Express yourself with a personalized garden flag. If you don’t have a business, get the grandkid’s names put on there!

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