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Benefits of a Custom Canopy Tent

Benefits of a Custom Canopy Tent


If you are a business owner who likes to sell your products at fairs, farmers’ markets, and other events, you need a canopy to protect your products and your staff from the elements. Did you know that having your canopy custom printed to advertise your business can increase your foot traffic by approximately 55 percent and lead to18 to 25 percent more sales? Adding a flag or a banner can also make your goods visible from further distances to attract shoppers.

Custom canopies can be used for many sellers and activities including:

  • Food vendors
  • Start-up businesses
  • Craft fairs
  • Artists
  • Brand and product promotion
  • Farmers’ markets
  • School events
  • Sports teams for meets and events
  • Trade shows
  • Concerts

In addition to protection from the sun and the weather, there are severalother benefits to using a custom-made canopy that include:

  1. They are easy to handle – a canopy that is effortless to set up, take down, and transport makes it possible for you to concentrate on your business.
  2. They promote your business – with custom colors and your logo, your canopy will stand out from the crowd to attract those all-important buyers.
  3. They are durable – custom made canopies are UV coated and water resistant, so you won’t have to leave your event at the first sign of changing weather. A well-made canopy will serve you for years.
  4. They are versatile – you can take your custom canopy to any event or use it for family gatherings at many different locations.
  5. They can be customized – not only can you get your logo and desired color, but you can also get a size that suits your needs. There are also a variety of flags, table covers, and signage available to augment the appearance and visibility of your tent.
  6. They are cost effective – investing in your own custom canopy costs less than renting indoor spaces.

Utilizing a custom canopy for your event is a great way to save money while promoting your business in a very visible attractive way. Visit Kittrich Canopy to see your options and to request a quote.

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