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  • Colossus- Industrial Grade

    Our Colossus series is truly the best industrial grade pop-up canopy in the industry. The Cream of the Crop, Top of the Line! Nothing is quite like this beautiful, heavy duty, king of pop-ups! Our Colossus series has jumbo 50mm hexagonal legs, a thick sturdy, reinforced truss with stabilizing bars and aluminum joints and fittings. The entire aluminum frame has our signature, ridged-groove lines, which promotes even more rigidity and stability. This canopy can withstand heavy to daily use and is most certainly THE workhorse of our canopy lineup.
  • Mega-Steel -commercial grade

    Our Mega-steel canopies come in various sizes for anyone who needs a solid commercial grade canopy at an affordable price. Mega-steel canopies are sturdy enough to be used in any setting. The frame is powder coated which helps prevent scratches to the finish. Truss joints and fittings are made of high quality grade nylon which makes the canopy more resistant to breaking due to normal wear & tear or strong winds.
  • Our most popular series frame, with a perfect balance of affordability and quality. The Mega-X Series canopy is perfect for that new start-up business, soccer moms, farmers’ market and weekend warriors. The frame is light-weight, easily portable and able to take a beating for any type of use. Its unique hexagonal shaped legs will make your canopy much sturdier and the nice smooth finish gives it a nice clean look. First impressions are everything!
  • The all new SnapeeShade™ - Unique, Innovative, Lightweight and Sturdy!